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Like many people, I too struggle with writing self-aggrendizing copy. That’s probably cool with you because most of us don’t like to read such pages anyway, so why don’t I just tell you how Campgrowth can help you?

I was extremely lucky to have been part of an agency that used something similar to the Agency-Marketing Mechanism very early in my career. This gave me a unique perspective on the whole agency-industry and marketing in general ever since and this perspective has served me well. Very well!

Having worked for and with many agencies since 2006, I have a pretty good understanding of both client and agency-sides in companies of 5-5000 people, and across 11 different industries. So, I have worked in and consulted for agencies… I have also run my own show for a while… but I also have many years under my belt on the client side.

Because of this weird career of moving back-and-forth between agency and client sides, while also owning and running a business, I got a unique perspective which helped me stumble upon the formula that you’re learning here on this site and in my book.