About Dan

I'm Dan, founder of Campgrowth. I've been helping owners of service-based businesses grow since 2003 - and have a couple of businesses of my own. I do strategy and copywriting, as those are my strengths - as well as sleeping. My weaknesses are coding, following rules - and a sense of humor. I outsource those things.

Panic-less: how to thrive in a time of crisis


You've probably read this at least 36 times in the past couple of weeks, but that's because it's bloody true: crisis is both a threat and an opportunity for [...]

Panic-less: how to thrive in a time of crisis2020-04-19T21:31:36+00:00

How to articulate your agency’s value


Isn't it hard to differentiate your agency? I mean, what can you say that makes you stand out? What will get prospects to sign up with you? Your process? Your [...]

How to articulate your agency’s value2020-04-16T09:00:48+00:00
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