New book for digital agency owners reveals:

Stuff your agency to the brim with high-paying clients using 4-part framework…

…even if you don’t have time to market yourself or hate selling!

This is for you if:

  • You’re growing and working more, but your profit hardly increases

  • You struggle to plan for growth because cashflow is erratic

  • You’re unsure how to differentiate your services…

  • …and are unable to charge high rates

With 4-part framework, you’ll be able to:

  • Gain authority in two simple steps, so that you can charge higher

  • Turn your knowledge into (a lot more) money: hello passive revenue and extra profit!

  • Start pulling in prospects and clients on autopilot by building a specific 5-step pipeline

$5.95 – digital download

Dan Renyi, agency-marketing advisor, author

Here is why The Agency Marketing Mechanism works

  • Mind-reading by design: the Mechanism uncovers the (subconscious) decision-making mechanism of prospects – and builds on that.

  • Built-in Safety-Net: get just 15% of the strategy right, and still knock the ball out of the park.

  • Differentiation in the DNA: your agency will have 1. differentiation 2. authenticity 3. authority. These combine into higher prices with better clients.

  • The Goodwill-Powerhouse: using the Mechanism creates real value to prospects; goodwill is created automatically.

  • The most scalable thing in your agency; no need for an army of sales/marketing people. No need for you working overtime: the Mechanism attracts clients on autopilot.

This is why other agency-marketing and “self-marketing” stuff fails…:

  • They aren’t strategies that define and differentiate your agency. You can’t build a real business on random tactics.

  • Don’t build (but sometimes destroy) authority, like cold emails.

  • Not scalable or predictable – like referrals.

  • Really work-intensive: like regular content marketing and cold-calling.

We’re for using other tactics too, but only in line with the strategy of the Agency Marketing Mechanism.

This is what Agency Owners Dream Of

When digital agency owners set out to build the Business of Their Dreams, this is what they have in mind:

  1. Amazing clients
  2. Exciting projects
  3. Becoming a celebrated authority in the field
  4. Getting paid crazy-high fees.

How is this (realistic) dream coming along for you?

If you want to (drastically) speed up the process of building authority and getting high-paying clients, here is a book that teaches agency owners to do that; boost profits and build a brand with authority.

The Framework to Get You There

To awesomize your brand and attract high-paying, fun-to-work-with clients, there is a four-part framework for any agency serving SMB’s

If you want to grow profitability, you need to overcome these obstacles:

  • Having more than a few of the “wrong clients” who want results NOW without investing time and money

  • Having little differentiation or authority

  • Being overly reliant on referrals (yikes!)

  • Having no system for generating leads and qualifying prospects

Any one of the above “boos” will drastically reduce your chances of building the agency of your dream. If you checked more than one, you really need to listen up.

What is almost every agency out there doing wrong?

For growing profitability, many agencies think ‘more’ and ‘bigger’ are the answer to everything.

We just need more sales, more people, more projects, higher prices!

Agency Andy, Broke Digital Ltd.

Boy, are they wrong! Things can turn out ugly because more projects and more people lead to higher complexity… higher costs, and you working more than ever before. Not my idea of fun!

A handful of agencies have already cracked the code to a much more promising model and way of doing business, and they’re killing it. (More about this model a bit later).

This is not for every agency

First, a warning: this system is not designed for every digital marketing agency.

This is NOT for you if:

1. You “don’t get strategy”. If you just execute requests like doing graphic work and you have no intention to become a vendor of strategic importance for your clients, this strategy will not work.

2. You aren’t great at what you do. This authority-building and client-getting system is very effective — and if you aren’t able to deliver on your promise, it will backfire.

What you’ll achieve with this strategy

Here is a fraction of what you’re getting from this book:

  • A formula for finally differentiating your agency, in a way nobody can imitate.
  • A blueprint for getting a book created fast… without actually having to write one or hiring a ghostwriter
  • A fast method for building Authoritative Marketing Assets - how to create just a couple of pieces of very important content with huge leverage. No blogging, no need for constant and expensive content marketing!
  • A step-by-step plan to set up an automated pipeline in your autoresponder that educates and converts prospects for your agency
  • An advertising + followup-strategy for getting highly qualified prospects at no cost - because you can be breaking even on ads
  • A powerful matrix you can use to communicate your value better - and charge more

It’s about more than “just” growth: you’re creating a distinguished brand

The Agency-Marketing Mechanism is about more than just predictable and automated client acquisition – a nice side-benefit of the system is creating a totally differentiated, unique and strong brand that attracts those clients, who are a breeze to work with.

When you have authority, you attract awesome clients. This leads to magnetizing and keeping great talent. It’s an upward spiral of goodness 🙂

So, like I said, there is more to this than “just” business growth. Here are some other pointers from the book that agency owners will find useful:

  • How to build authority even if you don’t speak at conferences (yet), don’t have lots of social media followers and don’t even have appealing case studies. Page 31.

  • You need lots of quality content on your blog to look good, right? Wrong! Page 9

  • You need great connections to big companies right? Wrong! Explanation on page 84.

  • How can being small and unknown be your advantage? You’ll be pleasantly surprised on page 20.

  • 3 things to sell to prospects before you start doing project work. Check out page 84.

  • How agencies can turn marketing from a cost or an “investment” into a profit center – game plan starts on page 23.

  • Why free consulting to prospects is a deadly sin: page 10.

  • The truth about the real (in)efficency of referral-marketing: uncovered on page 103.

  • What to do if your site has tini-puny traffic: page 12

  • When it’s OK to stop doing content marketing. See page 30.

  • TODAY: get in front of companies who need your help and have money to spend with the right positioning – page 33.

  • How traditional marketing methods can slowly suffocate an agency, when done wrong. See page 9.

They got a taste of the Agency-Marketing Mechanism

Dan’s input has been a total game changer. Prospects are blown away by our marketing and branding… which makes us stand out and gives us huge credibility, so we close more and charge higher. We started getting a waiting list of customers wanting to work with us and keep pricing higher and higher. We’re hooked!

Andrew Kadar, Designworks

Even following just a fraction of what is outlined in this book; just going for the low-hanging fruit will lead to your agency attracting the best clients like a super-magnet.

As a result, raising prices (by a lot) is a breeze.

Here is some of that low-hanging fruit you can start picking NOW:

  • How to re-warm cold leads. Page 72.

  • How to get all the clients you want without having testimonials, agency-awards or even having big name references to show for. Page 69

  • Case study: how a totally unknown, little Eastern European digital agency got loads of prospects lining up to work for them while continuously raising their prices. Page 22

  • Why you don’t need “a ton of leads”. In fact, you can forget about lead generation completely. Seriously! Turn to page 73

  • How to make sure the wrong types of prospects steer clear and never call you, so you don’t waste resources on them. Page 18.

  • A clever, win-win strategy to get prospects to pay you – even if they don’t need your services yet. Page 83.

  • The #1 trait to look for in prospects. Page 37 lets you in on the best predictor of a successful client-agency relationship.

Bonus: The Agency-Marketing Machine Project Booster

Price: $99.00  FREE for a limited time

Turning a book into an implementation-guide

Yes, you can start cherry-picking the low-hanging fruits, quick-wins outlined in the book.

But the real power lies in implementing the strategy. The sweet bonus we’re introducing is going to help you do that. With this bonus, you’ll get more out of the book than you’d ever hoped a book could give you. Ready?

Get results faster with limited-time bonus

For buying the book now, for a limited time, you can snatch a nice bonus: the Agency-Marketing Mechanism Project Booster.

The AMM Project Booster is Campgrowth’s limited service making sure that the strategy is put into action in your agency. Yes, you’ll get video-onboarding to a virtual project manager, helping you implement the strategy of the Agency-Marketing Mechanism. Fast.

If you were doing this on a live video call with a Campgrowth staff member, it would be priced at $99.

Here is why you would want the AMM Project Booster, even if it cost a small fortune

…which it doesn’t now, because it’s free with the book for a limited time…

What the Agency-Marketing Mechanism Project Booster does:

  • Eliminates the biggest obstacle in implementation:

    When you learn a strategy, you’re itching to get started doing it. The biggest obstacle in implementation is getting started and gaining momentum… and keeping momentum whenever you get stuck. Serving as an onboarding system, the AMM Project Booster does just that.

  • Takes you by the hand and walks you through the entire process:

    The Onboaring service on video is like having a coach from Campgrowth explain you the exact things you need to do to make the strategy a reality; to transform your agency forever.

  • Makes sure you kick ass

    You’re getting two Trello boards where you can set deadlines, assign tasks and get nagged by the system if you miss a deadline. It also makes sure you stay sane and keep it fun along the process. Trello is one of the most frequently used ways of getting agency and marketing work done.

The Agency-Marketing Onboarding service is an innovation that 1. makes sure you get the strategy implemented and 2. makes sure it gets done fast.

If you were doing this exact walk-through with a Campgrowth coach, it would be priced at $99.

Hard to believe it works?

I don’t blame you!

It’s a good thing if you’re sceptical. Afterall, some claims here may seem bold. That’s because some go against conventions that everyone else is doing in the industry. One of these is focusing on getting leads. To this, we say, screw leads, let’s get your agency some customers instead.

So let’s discuss some questions people usually ask us:

  • Why aren’t other agencies using this strategy?

    Because they’re all under the impression that you market an agency the same way you would sell a product or any service. An agency should be marketed differently than most services because the client is buying expertise, trust and results in advance. To sell this kind of service, you need to build authority and a special type of relationship, not just merely educate and generate a conversation.

  • Will I have time to read and implement this?

    You’ll probably read the short book in one sitting, perhaps at a coffee shop tomorrow afternoon. It will soon be very obvious, that this strategy is huge in terms of building your business and deserves your time and effort to implement.

    The implementation itself will not be very strenuous. The system is designed, so you can get it up and running fast, rather than screw around for perfection. Depending on how much you’re able to get away from the daily grind, you can implement and start seeing results in as little as under 2 weeks… most people can create everything learned from the book and impress their clients (and competition) in 3-4 weeks after having read this webpage.

  • Is my business in the right phase for a project like this?

    Well, are you in need of a machine that consistently brings revenue and clients – on autopilot? If yes, this is for you regardless of how big you are or how many years you’ve been at digital marketing. Why would tomorrow be a better time to start than now?

  • Do I have the skills, competence to do this?

    You’ve no doubt had digital marketing success in the past. This is no different – other than the fact, that your future depends on this project. (Trying not to use big words here, but it’s true!) You’ve brought your agency this far, and if you’re ready to scale but can’t quite figure out how, The Agency-Marketing Mechanism is your next step!

  • Why is this book so cheap?

    Fair question – you might be skeptical of the value provided, because the price is so low. Simply put: we want to put our best foot forward blow you away. It is our hope, that you will use what you’ve learned in the book, you’ll be happy and we can continue to do business together in the near future. Fair enough? 🙂

How does it sound so far?

  • For the “chunky investment” of $5.95, you are now getting the Agency-Marketing Mechanism book. It walks you through the strategy that

    1. Points out your agency’s sweetspot-positioning
    2. Builds you authority fast
    3. Helps you create a funnel that automatically screens out the best prospects and sells them, even before anybody from your company talks to them.
  • For a limited time, you also get the AMM Project Booster, a step-by-step, Trello-based system that takes the guesswork out of implementing The Agency-Marketing Mechanism – a $99 value.

“Wait, there is more!” 🙂

We’re getting warmed up by now 🙂 so we ain’t stopping here. Because you’re buying a book that is serious on implementation, I really want to make sure you get this system up and running as fast as possible… and you’re really getting the first steps right…

Bonus 2: The Agency Avatar Creator

Uncover the forces in your avatar that govern how they choose marketing agencies 

Price: $299.00  FREE for a limited time

A major part of any marketing strategy is getting your Avatar right. In other words, meticulously defining your ideal prospect both from a demographic and a psychographic perspective.

Unfortunately, most avatar-creation processes are not multi-dimensional and usually pretty shallow. What you want for your agency and the Agency-Marketing Mechanism is a deep understanding of your prospects – and uncover “stories” and inner dialogues on how they buy marketing services.

Mind-reading power that’s almost illegal

You want to understand your prospects even better than they know themselves, right? You are getting the tool to do that. When buying the book How to Build an Agency-Marketing Mechanism, you can gain full access to the Agency Avatar Creator: the secret weapon that helps you mind-read agency-prospects’ buying behavior.

It is the complete walkthrough of how to create avatars/buyer personas for digital marketing agencies.

If you were doing this as a Campgrowth workshop, it would be priced at $299.

60-day Money-Back Guarantee

If, for any reason, you feel you’re not THRILLED with the contents of the book, you can ask for a full, 100% refund of $5.95 within 60 days. You may keep the digital version of the book, the bonus Workbook and other bonuses you may have been eligible for. You’re not even risking the price of a coffee here 🙂

This book is designed to help you make an impact through your marketing agency and I sincerely hope it will serve the purpose. I hope Campgrowth will continue to contribute to your success.

Dan Renyi and the team at

Ps.: I too like to scroll to the bottom of sales pages… so here is the deal in one swell scoop:

For the “chunky investment” of $5.95, you are now getting the Agency-Marketing Mechanism book that walks you through a strategy that

  1. Points out your agency’s sweetspot-positioning
  2. Builds you authority fast
  3. Helps you create a funnel that automatically screens out the best prospects and sells them, even before anybody from your company talks to them.

For a limited time, you also get the Agency-Marketing Machine Project Booster, a guided system that helps you launch the AMM project in your agency with minimal effort – a $99.95 value.

For purchasing The Agency-Marketing Mechanism book, you’re also getting what is possibly the best Avatar-Creation template out there for digital agencies.  Creating an avatar is a crucial first step in any marketing strategy – and we have a template- and walkthrough of a system created for marketing agencies. This is a $139 value.