Sometimes a shift in mindset produces an exponential boost in results. Profits, significance, everything.

Consider for a minute: what is it that makes your agency money? What is the essence of the value you provide?

It’s your knowledge and experience. You infuse your knowledge and experience into planning and delivering marketing projects for clients.

Now, doing client work in the form of projects or retainers is just ONE way to monetize your experience. There is a $250 billion industry “right next door” that you can tap into. It’s within arm’s reach and the very same clients and prospects you have now are ready to pay you for your knowledge in ways other than projects.

It’s called consulting. Yes, I am aware that this word freaks out a lot of agency people and many of you reading this are tuning out right now.

As an agency, a master of delivering results – you are well positioned to act as a strategic advisor and a teacher for your clients. Many agency owners think that “teaching your clients to fish” will make you replaceable. There is truth in that, but this fright misses the greater point, the greater opportunity: there is always more you can teach clients and always more you can do.

Unless your services are low-value added repetitive tasks, you are playing a game where the rules and tools change constantly. One of the reasons your client resorts to your services is that they can’t/don’t want to keep up with the changing world of digital marketing.

I never worry about giving away my knowledge because I know I can always go deeper, more detailed… and 50% of it will change in 2 years’ time anyway. 🙂