The Agency-Marketing Blueprint

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30-day Money-Back Guarantee

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Here is the deal in a nutshell:

  • You’re getting the proven game plan with training on the strategy for how to build a funnel for your marketing business.

  • Besides the game plan and the training, you’re also getting the exact copy (21 pages) you can use and plug into your system.

  • Just swap your service/descriptions in these battle-tested templates, then paste ’em into your webpages, autoresponder. That’s it!

  • The typical time to write the copy for the funnel is 3-5 days. You’re condensing that into about 60-90 minutes for a measly 49 dollars.

  • You don’t need to read the book Building an Agency Marketing Mechanism for this to work, but it helps.

  • You’re risking nothing with a 30-day full 100% money-back guarantee.