Digital marketing service providers can learn to turn their agency into an authority and get amazing clients – on autopilot.


It’s not enough to simply know what to do to scale growth and market more efficiently. You have to be able to juggle things, spin plates and do the right things at the right time… all the while enjoying the ride and living a (more-or-less) sane life. The Campgrowth Achiever is the course that teaches you to do that. You’ll form the right habits, increase your productivity and hit a major target within 90 days.


An overlooked and seldom-chosen, but lucrative path for agencies is to create a paid membership program, where you can educate and assist members to be more successful in the area you specialize in. A membership program makes it easy to create and deliver the perfect brand experience on an ongoing basis… and create a loyal fan-base, all the while getting paid. All you need to get started is to alter the way you have been doing content marketing, which will now turn into a profit center. Ever thought about the market value of the expertise in your company? It’s time to convert that knowledge into help for loads of customers – and get paid nicely in return.


Smart Funnels are the fastest way to convert advertising dollars into paying customers. The course will lead you through a framework, where you learn to strategically create Marketing Assets such as webinars, books, big content and create Smart Funnels to sell them. A Smart Funnel will typically include PPC advertising leading to the Marketing Asset, then a sequence selling your product using a combination of your website, email, text, Facebook Messenger or even good ‘ole telephony. The framework teaches you how to plan, build and optimize your Smart Funnel, tracking every metric that matters and steering clear of ones that only distract. If you’re not satisfied with the performance of your case studies, white papers and copy, a Smart Funnel is probably what you need to start converting.


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