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Here’s how your Agency can have a client-getting funnel in hours:

Want YOUR Agency-Marketing Mechanism converting prospects into clients
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The Agency-Marketing Blueprint helps you build a client-getting funnel in hours instead of days, possibly weeks.

Here is how:

  • In the book you’ll learn the exact steps you need to build a funnel that will boost your agency to the next level
  • About 95% of this is writing emails and landing pages. Quite a few of them – somebody is going to have to work a couple days cranking out copy for this.
  • If you’re the real action-taker-type, you’re thinking: how can I get this done fastest and best?
  • The answer: you need the templates for ALL emails and landing pages. The copy is based on time-tested, neuro-science-backed templates guaranteed to work in your market.

  • Just swap your service/descriptions in these battle-tested templates, then paste ’em into your webpages, autoresponder. That’s it!

  • I mean, these emails have formulas that have been developed based on neuroscientific experiments from Harvard and Standford. The fastest and best way to build a client-getting funnel for your agency is to take these, trim and adjust them to your product and service… and bam, you’ll have all the copy ready in an hour, ready to be pasted into your website and autoresponder.

  • The typical time to write the copy for the funnel is three days. You’re condensing 3 days into about 60-90 minutes for 37 dollars.

  • With the Swipe files, you build the funnel ~20x faster and get it right the first time!

  • You can get it now for $37 or later when you log in to access the book and bonuses, you can get it for 99. It’s still a no brainer because 2 days of your time is worth hunderds or thousands of dollars, but probably smarter to get it now for 37 than 5 minutes from now or tomorrow at 99.