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Get expert help in building the authoritative agency everybody wants to hire

Introducing: the Agency-Marketing Bootcamp

A self-paced program with live-support & a community that helps you build your Marketing Mechanism
from the ground up, all the way to launching and beyond

This online bootcamp walks you through every step of the process of building your brand and the client-getting mechanism. It takes all the head-scratching out of the game to maximize your success. Plus, you get to ask all your questions from Campgrowth coaches!

Taking you by the hand, helping every step of the way:

Building authority fast and creating your agency’s Marketing Mechanism

How do you pick the perfect niche, how do you position your agency, what will you need to say and how in your marketing?

We’re helping you create your strategy and implement everything.

Best of all, the system will keep you accountable so that you will build your machine and get results fast.

You get to ask questions, get real help.

You will have a full-blown authority-building, client-getting mechanism up and running.
It’s the fastest way to build it and start seeing results.

How important is it to build a mechanism that gets high-paying clients?

The stakes are high and time is of essence.

You’re in business to build a flourishing agency that allows you time and freedom.

Simply getting more clients leads to needing more people on your team and build better internal systems… and raising your prices by 10-20% will not do the trick for most – if you do the math.

You need a way to

  1. build authority,
  2. introduce mega-margin services and
  3. charge way higher

So that you can take longer vacations. (Or a vacation)

This is probably the most important project for your agency.

Problem: Implementation takes a little time and a ton of focus

A LOT of mental energy. Of course, it’s worth every ounce of effort in the end.

But, the daily whirlwind and putting out fires is your biggest enemy in transforming your business. If you can’t cut through the clutter, no new strategy will ever be implemented.

If you want the Agency Marketing Mechanism up and running in a short amount of time, then

You need a guide.

  • Take the guesswork out of every step of implementation

  • Give you guidance on exactly what to do

  • Keep your momentum going, motivate you

  • Give you a boot in the butt if you sway away from your target; keep you accountable.

The solution: a guide and a team on the same path: The Agency Marketing Bootcamp

How about having Dan Renyi walk you through each step of the way? Campgrowth has an online course that gets you to build the Agency Marketing Mechanism from the ground up all the way to having a complete funnel; tested and ready to be launched.

It’s a self-paced program with live support and an awesome community of like-minded agency owners who are ready to rock the world and transform their business.

The Agency Marketing Bootcamp is the vehicle that makes sure you build the Mechanism that will boost your agency’s profits… and put you in a league of authoritative thought leaders.

The Bootcamp is the big wave that takes your business on the ultimate ride of rising out of competition once and for all. Bigger wave, more speed, more enjoyment!

Join our community of implementers; agency people who actually get stuff done. Apply for the Agency Marketing Bootcamp now.

This is what you get with the Agency Marketing Bootcamp:

  • No-nonsense instructions: 7-module video-course with that takes you through implementing the Agency-Marketing Mechanism taught by Dan himself.

  • The exact copy you need: conversion-proven copy for 23 emails and 4 landing pages ready to be copy-pasted and launched. You’ll have your Mechanism up and running in no time. Plug n’ play, baby.

  • Real, human, collective support: there’s an awesome private Facebook group for Bootcampers that you get to join. It serves as a mastermind for digital agency owners on marketing their business. You also get to ask questions directly from Dan.

They got a taste of the Agency-Marketing Mechanism

Dan’s input has been a total game changer. Prospects are blown away by our marketing and branding… which makes us stand out and gives us huge credibility, so we close more and charge higher. We started getting a waiting list of customers wanting to work with us and keep pricing higher and higher. We’re hooked!

Andrew Kadar, Designworks

What if you try to grow your agency alone?

Consider this:

  • Battling the whirlwind alone is extremely difficult. That’s why over 99% of great strategies end up dying as projects that have run out of steam.

  • How many of your great ideas have gotten slaughtered when you lost focus to a client-project or had put out a fire?

What is the cost of not implementing?

Not getting the Agency Marketing Mechanism up and running is keeping your profits thin. It’s leaving money on the table, it’s fighting price wars, wasting time on poor prospects and unnecessary stress.

Without the Mechanism, you are still not getting paid for your real value and knowledge.

Easier with Support+Help

It’s nearly impossible to have the ride of your life without a big wave… or to climb a big mountain without the support of a basecamp. Yet, that’s what many agency owners are trying to do. It makes business sense that you leverage others’ help and the power of a supportive community.

The Bootcamp is risk-free.

You’ve got nothing to lose by joining (and everything to gain). If you feel this isn’t for you after 30 days of having started your journey and having “lived in” the Bootcamp… you get a full, 100% refund. Just send us an email. Yes, you get to keep and use all the material you’ve downloaded from the Bootcamp – and have your money back. All the risk is on us to do an amazing job.

$997 one-time payment. Save $1000